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About us

Suviral Eco Tech Private Limited owned BioHome is dedicated to market disposable tableware & cutlery that are convenient to use in our modern world. All of our products are made from renewable resources that are harvested in a SUSTAINABLE way. This means that they can be re-grown and re-harvested over and over again. The overuse of natural resources that are not biodegradable has created a generation that is interested in REDUCING their “CARBON FOOTPRINT”.

BioHome is committed to revolutionalise efforts to reduce plastic usage and its hazards to environment & marine life.

Come join us in this revolution and help us to create the world again with zero plastic.

BioHome proposes ‘3 to 6’ paradigm shift in sustainability cycle to reduce carbon footprints.​

Why BioHome

Plant based products promoting sustainability, helping every user to reduce their carbon footprints

Let’s create the world again – with NO Plastic

BioHome promotes 100% plant based products.

Backyard Compostable

Our environment friendly products biodegrade naturally in soil.

Microwave Safe

BioHome tableware can be safely used in a microwave, heater, oven & refrigerator, sustainable in a range of -20° C to +180° C.

Water & Oil Proof

BioHome promoted tableware is seepage proof for hot & cold be it Oil or Water. Now you can serve your favorite fried items or curries.


BioHome is a affordable, lightweight and extremely sturdy product making it an ideal for takeaway or delivery solutions.

Stress free disposal

BioHome promoted products are easy to dispose. Save additional effort of waste segregation, so Safe Time.


BioHome promotes tableware made of renewable resources like sugarcane bagasse. These products are made of best quality bagasse pulp.

Due to unique physical composition of bagasse, these tableware are water & oil resistant, seep proof, microwave & freezer safe.

On top of above these are environment friendly and biodegrades naturally.